Short Stories

that's life cover          Fiction Feast cover        People's Friend - story by Glynis Scrivens

I write short stories for women’s magazines, and have had stories published in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, America, India and South Africa. My stories have appeared in most mainstream magazines such as Take a Break, Fiction Feast, Woman’s Weekly, Best, Candis, Woman, The Weekly News, People’s Friend, My Weekly, Woman’s Day, That’s Life (Australia), Fast Fiction, Take 5, Dog’s Life, Ireland’s Own, True Romance and others. Some have been published in braille, others in audio form.  Some have been commissioned. The stories cover a range of genres, from spinechillers to romance to crime.

I have stories in the following anthologies: 100 Stories for Queensland, 100 Stories for Haiti, Diamonds and PearlsSpooked, Going Places, Saying Goodbye, Light in the Dark, Fiddle of the Sphinx, Snowflakes and Baubles.

Mostly I write by hand in notebooks, using either a pen or a pencil. It seems to free up my thinking process. And it means I can write anywhere – sitting up in bed in my pyjamas, on the veranda with a cup of coffee, on the sand at Coolum Beach, in the back garden….

Woman's Weekly Fiction Special - story by Glynis Scrivens      Fast Fiction cover        Woman's Day cover


My Weekly cover 2          Dog's Life_cover          Take 5 magazine - short story by Glynis Scrivens

Here are a few examples:

Anzac Story - Glynis Scrivens - That's Life!     Where's Santa - short story - Glynis Scrivens    Web of Love - Take 5 magazine